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Issue 07, Page 01
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Issue 07, Page 01

Whenever possible, I like to start a new issue/episode with some kind of brief recap of some things that happened recently while at the same time pushing the story forward. I think the little news broadcast here does a good job of that but of course I’m kind of biased :). It’s been a long while but the Super Scholar Award mentioned was first brought up here. Anyone care to guess what may go down when a secret teen superhero, a secret crime boss and an out and about politician with an apparent agenda come together?

PS- For those keep with such things, this is Carmen Reed’s second appearance, before she was in her normal position as Fox 4 News’ morning show host but with Brenda White taking the day off, the powers that be thought Ms. Reed (who save for the blonde hair is modeled after Headline News Robin Meade) would be a good fill-in. Some might say it could be a dress rehearsal for the future…

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