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Issue 06, Page 02
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Issue 06, Page 02

In case anyone out there is worried, yes, this is still a superhero comic :).

The original script for this page called for Michelle to be much meaner than the final product but I decided to change it, she came across as a big bully towards Carrie and she’s not really that bad- hopefully Carrie’s “icy” greeting brings home the fact that there’s some established tension between the two classmates but it’s not like they need to have 20/20 school bullying expose or anything. And I don’t want to flat out give it away but there is something pretty important you should pick up on in that 3rd panel.

A shout out again goes out to freelance writer extraordinare Robert Jeffrey for acting as an editor this week. You can find his comic book work at, home of “Daddy’s Little Girl”, and his writing blog is at He’s also got an exciting project coming down the pipe in conjunction with fellow writer Milton Davis but I’m not going to spill the beans on that one.

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