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Issue 05, Page 13
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Issue 05, Page 13

Part 2 of Jamar Logan’s guest art stint. The funny thing about this particular page is this wasn’t actually supposed to be two pages, Jamar just asked to do a page and I sent over what I had worked out to be a script for one page. As it ended up, Jamar thought it worked better as two pages and I honestly can’t disagree as the pages have, in my opinion, turned out to be fantastic and I hope you all agree too!

Some old fans might recognize the reference back to this page. It goes without saying but Brenda definitely regards Ashley as “someone special”- feel free to file that one away for future reference.

In case anyone is wondering why Allen’s mom just happens to be home today, the station just decided to give her a day off and give one of their younger talents a chance to sit at the evening anchor desk. Something else to file away…

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3 thoughts to “Issue 05, Page 13”

    1. Thanks guys! I don’t want to say too much now because there are still some issues I need to take care of on my end but there may be a major Stealth collaboration in the works between me and Jamar.

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