According to Rich Johnston and everyone else it seems that Emma Stone, who would seem like a natural fit for Mary Jane, has instead been cast as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot. As most fans may remember, this is eerily similar to the casting of Kirsten Dunst, a natural fit for Gwen Stacy, as MJ in the original Spidey film. While I understand that Stone apparently is a natural blonde, the girl is famous for being a redhead. Furthermore, her personality seems more of a fit for MJ (just like Dunst’s personality was more of a fit for Gwen- as it was, Dunst always seemed to be playing a Gwen/MJ hybrid as opposed to the classic MJ). On top of that, I thought this was supposed to be a back to basics, Ultimate-style Spidey movie with an emphasis on a younger Spidey? It seems the actors being cast are all at ages where they could just pick up where the last movie left off and seem a bit too old to go back to the high school years.

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