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Character Profile #3-Sunstorm

Real Name: Darren “D-Mack” Shyne

Identity: Superhuman status not publicly known

Occupation: (former) Recording Artist/Former incarcerated felon

Type: Human Mutate

Birthplace: Terminus City

Body Type: 6’3, Muscular

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black (shaved bald)

Nationality: American

Age: 33

Affiliation(s): None known

Known Family: No known relatives

Abilities: Able to generate, control and manipulate light and heat energy

History: Once the top-selling artist at Big Time Records and best friends with Mario Malone until a drug conviction took him down. He claimed that the drug bust was a set-up. In exchange for parole as part of a special government program, he agreed to undergo an experiment that gave him the power to generate, control and manipulate heat and light energy. Initially Shyne used these abilities in a vendetta against the man who set him up: Mario Malone, however he has recently revealed himself to be in the employ of an as yet unknown benefactor.

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