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Three The Hard Way

Uraeus’ Jaycen Wise, Charlie “FAB” Goubile’s Blackbird and Stealth in combat mode, courtesy of the fabulous one himself!

You have 3 missions-

First, go to and help out anyway you can…

Then, go to and help out anyway you can…

And finally, check out the Blackbird TPB at

The last two can be reversed if you like (not the first one though), just make sure to do all three!

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New Art From The Graphic Novel

This isn’t the treat that I mentioned on Friday (that has been delayed as well) but it is a treat that I received over the weekend and being magnanimous host I am, I pass it along to all of you. Include is a bit of the dialogue that really makes this page a treat!

Waitress: Just trying to get to work. Didn’t mean to interrupt your, um….your, um….

Waitress: Any reason you’re hanging in the darkest part of an alleyway on a Friday night? Alone?

Waitress: I mean, they’ve got clubs for you guys. You don’t have to hit up alleyways and bathroom stalls nowadays…..

Thug 1: That’s enough of that!! Chill with that noise!!

Thug 2: Hey!!!!

Thug 3: You tripping hard!!

Waitress: Well, thanks for clearing that up. Gotta get to work.

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William Satterwhite: The World’s Greatest Superhero Webcomic Interview

Check it out, an interview I did with Andre Owens ( has gone live at It’s worth reading just for the awesome intro below.

I came across Stealth, a webcomic, many years ago while searching around for Black super hero comics. Its creator is a super creative guy by the name of William Satterwhite. Will can discuss anything from the minutiae of the third day at the battle of Gettysburg to who should start at shortstop for the Atlanta Braves. Basically, he’s a really smart dude. I always learn something talking to this guy. We chatted below for a quick minute.

check out the full interview here.

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