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Secrets Revealed- The Origin of Dr. Octagon, Page 02
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Secrets Revealed- The Origin of Dr. Octagon, Page 02

The timeline here might seem a bit tricky so some explanation is in order-

As noted, this scene here actually takes place about 2 months ago Stealth time. While I don’t think I’ve ever specifically spelled it out, Stealth is supposed to have first started popping up a little under two months ago, its a little hard to keep the times straight but everything that’s been shown in the comic so far (aside from flashbacks) has taken place in about the last month Stealth time. In case you’re wondering, yes, that means Mario Malone has been anticipating some of the stuff that’s happened since this meeting with the eventual Dr. Octagon has been laying out multiple options, as we have seen. It might seem confusing a bit but I didn’t want to show th Malone/Octagon connection right away, remember Malone is supposed to be a guy no one really thinks is bad.

Just a note before anyone points it out, yes, the last panel with Mario Malone is recycled. I was in a bit of a rush trying to get the art done so I just dropped it in instead of a completely new drawing. I apologize in advance if anyone has any issue with this.

See you next week when we return to our normally scheduled show :)!

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