I hope this doesn’t disrupt the flow of the current storyline too much but I needed to take a bit of break from it and last week’s end of Issue 3 seemed like a good spot. Besides, an official origin story for Stealth’s latest villain seemed a bit overdue.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, “Stealth Secrets Revealed” are just little pin-ups, profiles or (in this case) short stories that expand on items that aren’t covered in detail within the normal confines of the comic. Here are the previous Secrets Revealed installments-

Secrets Revealed- Secrets of Stealth’s Costume!
Secrets Revealed- The Origin of Stealth!

Don’t worry, the regular storyline will pick back up in two weeks!

BTW, any guesses as to who our modest friend Elias Ekelbaum is talking to here? If you’re a longtime Stealth fan, the caption color might be a small hint (if you can’t tell by now, I obsess over little details like this)

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