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Issue 07, Page 06
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Issue 07, Page 06

First, a shoutout to Julian Herring (Merkuri3000) for providing the basic layout for this page, this was actually supposed to be one of the pages drawn by him but as mentioned last week, the story switched up (that’s all on me) at the last minute so there went that.

As for the actual page, there’s certainly a lot to digest here (10 panels will do that)- an assassination attempt, Antonio Anderson “magnetic” stage presence (of course, it’s worth noting that Allen doesn’t seem fazed one bit. Hmmm…) and that last sequence. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Stealth saves the day (he is kind of the star) but, um, Stealth’s alter-ego is still out in the audience, right?

PS- Just a reminder about the Stealth fundraiser on Please make sure to check it out at and even if you can’t support with money, definitely help spread the word! Thanks!

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