After an initial brief appearance here, the assassin Eve finally hits the stage and makes her re-appearance. As I’ve pointed out in the past few updates, this part of the story initially ran very briefly way back when but almost immediately afterwards I came to realize that it was too soon- I had to set the stage a bit more for it to really make sense (at least I hope it all ends up making sense and next week doesn’t leave people totally confused).

A little tidbit if anyone is interested- Eve is modeled almost entirely after model Heidi Klum. Thus, when it came to the mock casting call, she was the easiest character to come up with.

On a sidenote, while I always hated it myself when comic writers insert random foreign phrases into a characters otherwise completely English dialogue to drive home the fact the character is from another country (I’m looking at you Chris Claremont 🙂 ), I found I simply couldn’t resist when presented the opportunity myself!

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