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Issue 1, Page 10
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Issue 1, Page 10

While it is still Wednesday somewhere in the world :), I have to apologize for the late update, I had a lot of running around to do this week that left me little time time to get it done on time. No excuse at all, just an explanation. I hope you dear readers will forgive me, I have a pretty cool announcement to make in the next few days!

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5 thoughts to “Issue 1, Page 10”

  1. but you don’t explain how he got his name. You could have had the newspapers say something like “Stealthy Vigilante Stops Crime Without a Trace” or just have him meet up with the press and just make something up on the spot. Instead we find out that there is some sort of gap between his origin and now. If you’re going to give him an origin give him a full origin or none at all.

    1. I’ve got a Year One-type story (more like Month One) planned that explains the name and some other little details.

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