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Issue 1, Page 07
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2 thoughts to “Issue 1, Page 07”

  1. This is the point where my interest dropped considerably. Stealth hears a noise, arrives to find someone there, and starts to pound on him. How does Stealth know this stranger has even done anything illegal, let alone merits a beating? Even supposing Stealth had a way to know this is a super (vs. a bystander / onlooker), is he going to attack everyone who has superpowers just because they are supers? How could he justify that and still look himself in the mirror? You might want to consider reworking this whole interaction with the new super. “Injure first and ask questions later” doesn’t work.

    1. Thanks for at least taking the time to give the comic a look, that’s all I could really ever ask for and I definitely appreciate it.

      While I admit I maybe left a bit too much to the reader’s imagination, I tried to set it up so that it could be inferred that Stealth arrives in time to at least see enough to know the guy was responsible for the explosion (all of this is supposed to be going on in a matter of seconds- playing up the super-speed angle).

      However, with that being said, this particular scene kind of represents the duality of the main character that in many ways goes to the heart of the comic- the idea that Stealth is Allen White’s alter-ego in a literal sense. Allen is overcautious, he thinks about everything from every angle possible before doing anything (or not doing certain things) but when he puts on the the mask and costume and becomes Stealth his personality changes drastically- he goes from thoughtful and cautious to aggressive and somewhat reckless. In a sense, “Injure first and ask questions later” is part of his identity for now (maybe not “injure”, but definitely hit first) because it goes to the the core of the character.

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