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Issue 07, Page 08
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Issue 07, Page 08

This is the world of Stealth, where one minute you can go from being in the middle of a plot to alter the world’s order (what, you didn’t realize that’s been going on all this time?) to being in the middle of a plot to wreck havoc on a high school’s social order. So, that’s how Carrie got nominated for homecoming court which in turn gave her the impetus to ask Allen to be her escort. But how exactly does that play into Michelle’s master plan to knock her big sister down a peg?

Eagle-eyed observers might note that that Ashley is conducting a little fundraiser for the Justice For Trayvon Martin Foundation ( in conjunction with selling homecoming tickets. By now I’m sure most everything knows the circumstances behind this tragic situation but I just wanted to throw that in there to do what I can to bring attention to their foundation.

PS- Just a reminder about the Stealth fundraiser on Please make sure to check it out at and even if you can’t support with money, definitely help spread the word! Thanks!

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