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Issue 07, Page 02
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Issue 07, Page 02

Yeah, I know the first couple of panels are bit saccharine but I just couldn’t help myself. With that said, I know there’s got to be a comicologist out there with an answer to Allen’s question there- just what is the “record” for most times a superhero has had to do superhero stuff in one day? Inquiring minds want to know! Also, a special No-Prize goes out to the first person who can identify the classic comic book this scene pays homage to- if you need a hint, the 4th panel should be a dead giveaway if you are at all familiar with this particular comic which featured the first appearance of a villainous legacy that was kept in the family.

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6 thoughts to “Issue 07, Page 02”

    1. Yeah, it’s get him into trouble sometimes but it’s definitely fun having him get an extra little bit of swagger when he gets to put on his mask and go do his superhero thing.

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