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Issue 05, Page 07
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Issue 05, Page 07

This is the kind of page where having completed it, I want to go back in and re-do it having spotted a couple of things that should have been done differently. In case it’s not clear, the implication is supposed to be that Nick dropped out of school after Ashley was born, not that he was already a drop out. That’s a pretty important distinction considering the “Right reasons, wrong actions” theme of his life.

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3 thoughts to “Issue 05, Page 07”

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    Jim Mitchell has been burning the candle at both ends. Teaching by day, and prowling the streets of Philly at night as The Finisher. When a new teacher joins the school staff, Jim finds a new friend. But The Finisher finds just the opposite with a new Villain in town. And could there be romance between Jim and the beautiful Dr. Keturah Yakiri?

    The Finisher is a Superhero without superpowers. The City of Brother Love is his home. By day he is Dr. Jim Mitchell, Teacher at the fictional Steven College in Philadelphia. Fans of Batman the animated series will enjoy the simple cartoony art, and classic good vs evil story line.

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