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Issue 04, Page 13
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7 thoughts to “Issue 04, Page 13”

  1. Carrie. So adorable. Though she has this “Chloe Sulivan” vibe. Like you root for her and you want her and Allen to be together, but his heart is locked up by Ashely.

    I don’t know if that’s what you’re going for.

    1. Kinda, yeah. However, without giving too much away I’ll just say that Allen is still just a 17/18 year old kid (for all intents and purposes) and he’s still got a lot to learn about life. And I’m not sure how well its come through on the actual comic pages but one thing I’ve tried to establish is that Carrie isn’t just the typical Chloe Sullivan-type second fiddle who will just let the hero/leading man chase after his dreamgirl and be content sitting on the sidelines, she’s going out for hers- going out of her way to ask Allen out to Homecoming, pretty much spelling it all out for the boy here and, well, you’ll just have to see what happens next week 🙂

      Yeah, “adorable” is definitely the perfect word to describe Carrie, on this page I really tried to play up the cute and playful vibe she has to her. Again, not sure how well it actually comes off but I really tried to show here that Allen and Carrie have kind of a natural chemistry between them, its not just a simple one-sided infatuation- even if he can’t actually pick up on it himself, Allen’s being just as flirty with her as she is with him.

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