First an admission- somewhat similar to the Eve sequence from a few weeks back, the next two pages are actually recycled from a previous scene from the “old days” that had been removed very soon after originally appearing. Unlike the earlier sequence where the original scene itself was just moved for continuity purposes (the “new” scene basically played out as it did originally), these pages are being completely overhauled for the purposes of this scene (only the art is being used, the entire scene is now different). Just wanted to get that out of the way in the spirit of full disclosure.

It might not seem like it but there’s actually a lot going in that final panel (okay, maybe not a lot but definitely something major to be picked up on for later) aside from just being a subtle American Pie homage. I’m not giving any hints other than to (re)direct you all to what I said here. In hindsight this is one of those pages where I really wish I was a professional letterer who actually knew what he was doing :), while I think I did an adequate job of laying out the word balloons in that final panel to produce the desired effect, looking back I think it could have been done just a bit better. The lettering process is actually something I’ve gained a great appreciation for from doing Stealth, it’s always the thing that gives me the most trouble.

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