Special (no-)prize to the first person who picks up on the reference in Ashley’s phone number :).

The part where Allen tells Carrie he’s a superhero and she doesn’t believe him was actually a last second re-write (seems to happen a lot with me), that sequence was originally totally different but at the last second I decided I wasn’t really comfortable with the dialogue and what was going on with the scene so there went that. I think it’s kind of cute, I’d had a scene worked out in my head that showed how Carrie doesn’t like people using her real name but figured I’d throw that bit in here. Her stated reason is that it’s too “girly” but the real reason why she doesn’t like it has a lot to do with one of the many similarities she has with Allen (one of which eagle=eyed readers may have already picked up on when it was casually mentioned here).

The new sequence actually plays into one of my favorite superhero arguments- whenever someone complains that everyone in Metropolis should be able to figure out that Superman is Clark Kent, my response is always that no one in that world could actually believe Clark can be Superman because he’s well, he’s Clark Kent and who would really think that guy could possibly be a superhero. That’s kind of what Carrie’s response is supposed to represent- even if she could see him right there prancing around his room still in his Stealth pants, there’s no way she could believe Allen White is a superhero, its just unthinkable. Or something like that.

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