As mentioned here and here, this page is completely digital. It was an interesting experiment and one that I’ll be continuing for the foreseeable future.

As for the page itself, it may not seem like there’s much going on here but there are a couple of bits to note for future reference. Notice how Shyne refers to Michael Mason (for a guy who hasn’t appeared yet his name sure does pop up a lot, that might need to be remedied in the future) as “old man Mason” as if to hint at another Mason floating around somewhere who he knows? Like I said, just something to file away. Also, “Dude in the green ain’t me” is really one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written, not only does it hint at the swagger that a guy like Shyne carries, it also helps show the difference between a villain like him versus someone like a Dr. Octagon or Shockwave- Shyne/Sunstorm isn’t just some random guy who just happened to have gained superpowers one day and decided to strike out at the world, he’s a man on a mission (both his own and someone else’s) who has put in a little bit of work to know just what he is doing.

As always, any questions and/or comments are always welcome.

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