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Issue 03, Page 08
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Issue 03, Page 08

Sorry for the late update, if you are a regular visitor you can probably figure out what took up a good percentage of my Stealth time this week 😀 .

This page is actually a late addition, the story originally transitioned directly into the next one. However, I thought it might be cool to give a “comic” explanation for why characters who were originally designed to sport more “real world” attire were now sporting more conventional superhero/villain costumes. The real world explanation is that over the years since I first came up with Shyne/Sunstorm, I’ve gone from favoring the “realistic” look that was all the rage years back and decided that I prefer this being a full-fledged, unashamed superhero comic. Superheroes wear costumes and so do their supervillains (or quasi anti-heroes, if you will)! Sunstorm actually has a chest emblem that he will eventually sport, but that’s still down the line for now.

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4 thoughts to “Issue 03, Page 08”

    1. Thanks! A big part of his character is that Sunstorm must always look like a BAMF! He’s a villain with swagger!

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