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Issue 03, Page 07
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Issue 03, Page 07

While I uploaded an initial version of this page on Friday, I kind of rushed through the lettering and ended up not being happy with the result. After taking a little bit more time to take care of it, I’ve re-uploaded a new version. One quick note- I don’t know if anyone noticed but if you take first 8 pages of this “issue” and add them to the 16 pages from the previous “issue” you have what amounts to a single issue of a traditional comic. While things weren’t planned out that way initially, as the story moved along I thought it would be kind of neat to work it out that way.

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8 thoughts to “Issue 03, Page 07”

    1. It’s okay, part of the reason I used that name was just so that someone would make that reference :). Rest assured, “Doc Ock” will be back!

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