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Issue 03, Page 04
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Issue 03, Page 04

Last week I mentioned re-writing this scene, now I can explain- anyone who is around my age (early 30’s/late 20’s) undoubtedly remembers the old LifeAlert commercials with the old lady crying out “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, well I wanted to play around with that and the idea that a 17/18 year old kid in 2010 maybe hasn’t heard that before, not having even been born when those commercials were out. However, at the last second last week (literally) I had second thoughts and went with a more ambiguous exchange- there’s no telling whether our hero is familiar with the old commercials or not, he just knows the joke is pretty lame and deserving of a smack down! Also, I figured taking the time to have Dr. Octagon explain the joke as I originally intended would take up too much time and space for what amounted to a cheap laugh. So there went that.

As for this week’s update, before anyone says anything, yes, I realize the “hit the bad guy hard to stun him and then hit him a million more times before he can react” bit might be getting old but it really plays into the idea that Stealth is still relatively new to this hero stuff and is still figuring things out. Don’t worry, he’ll be expanding his strategery and fighting repertoire soon.

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5 thoughts to “Issue 03, Page 04”

  1. I’m thirteen and I understood the reference. Got a chuckle out of me :). I’m pretty sure that so far Doctor Octagon is my new favorite villain, he’s got multiple powers and he’s obviously highly intelligent, and can even dodge Stealth’s super-speed punches. Truly an awesome villain. Sunstorm’s my second. But I’ve read through this entire comic up to now and haven’t commented because I was too absorbed in the story. I’ll be commenting a lot more from now on :D.

    1. Glad to have you aboard, don’t worry, I’ll be reading any and every comment you make :). Doctor Octagon seems to be a real fan favorite, best believe he’ll be popping back up asap!

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