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Issue 02, Page 15
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Issue 02, Page 15

Sorry for the delay, had some issues Friday and then went crazy editing (and re-editing :)) everything Saturday. I’m actually thinking about doing updates on Sunday now (I know what your thinking- why can’t I settle on one day and just stick with it?), I had never thought about before but just noticed another webcomic that updates on Sunday and with my schedule it makes perfect sense since Saturday is the only day I know I’ll have most of the day free to get everything finished before posting an update. Sunday updates would also set it up nicely for me promote the comic as much as possible all throughout the following week I think. Any thoughts you all might have are very welcome!

As far as the actual update, in case its not clear, yes that’s the same guy from here and yes, it should be clear now who he was buying that computer for 🙂 (I actually didn’t have him giving his name here originally, that was literally a last second edit, however, keen eyed observers who have read through the archives might have picked up on the little subtle visual hint I intentionally put on this page). But who is he talking to? And who is The Mastermind? Find out next week! Maybe…

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