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Issue 02, Page 01
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2 thoughts to “Issue 02, Page 01”

  1. Wait, where does Sunstorm keep going? You need to do more comics where he actually leaves Stealth unconscious or something because we keep going from a fight where Stealth could win if he really tried, him getting attacked, and them at home thinking about the fight ending off-panel!

    1. It’s revealed a little bit later (not sure if you’ve gotten that far yet) that Sunstorm isn’t really too concerned about Stealth right now and is actually trying to not hurt him (too badly, that is). Plus, there’s a good chance he (or anyone else, for that matter) wouldn’t be able to actually knock Stealth out to begin with. Also, you have to remember that Stealth is still relatively new at the superhero thing and doesn’t realize his full potential yet, if the bad guy is willing to let him slide with just a little bit of pain, he’s perfectly willing (at this point) to just slip away himself to live to fight another day, all the while learning from his past mistakes and each experience.

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