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Issue 01, Page 11
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Issue 01, Page 11

As mentioned earlier, this week starts a 3-week run of guest artwork by the super-talented Julian Herring. It’s really cool seeing another artist provide his take on my ideas and I hope you readers out there get as big a kick out of this as I am!

© 2009 – 2015, William Satterwhite. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts to “Issue 01, Page 11”

  1. So, Sunstorm didn’t take Stealth back to his mysterious employer, after all, huh?

    So, we finally see Allen’s day job.

    I think I know whose dad that guy is.

    1. I think I know whose dad that guy is.

      Didn’t want to say anything when you first posted this but yeah, you had it right off the bat!

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