This isn’t the treat that I mentioned on Friday (that has been delayed as well) but it is a treat that I received over the weekend and being magnanimous host I am, I pass it along to all of you. Include is a bit of the dialogue that really makes this page a treat!

Waitress: Just trying to get to work. Didn’t mean to interrupt your, um….your, um….

Waitress: Any reason you’re hanging in the darkest part of an alleyway on a Friday night? Alone?

Waitress: I mean, they’ve got clubs for you guys. You don’t have to hit up alleyways and bathroom stalls nowadays…..

Thug 1: That’s enough of that!! Chill with that noise!!

Thug 2: Hey!!!!

Thug 3: You tripping hard!!

Waitress: Well, thanks for clearing that up. Gotta get to work.

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