A while back I made an attempt at casting a Stealth movie and with the passage of time, I figure a return might be in order. Only thing is, this time instead of casting one actor for each individual role, I’m going to offer up some different options and encourage you readers out there to let me know what you think! First up (obviously 🙂 ) is the star of the show, Stealth himself and his his alter-ego Allen White. The actor for this role needs to fit three important criteria- be young enough to realistically portray a teenager, have an athletic look and be a pretty good actor. With that in mind, here are three possibilities with some brief commentary, let me know what you think!

Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds has spent the last three years starring on UPN’s 90210 revival and before that played on HBO’s The Wire so he’s got a good track record and again, could be ready for stardom with just one big role. Could that role be in a Stealth movie? Would Tristan make a good Allen/Stealth?

Chris Warren Jr

Chris Warren Jr from MTV’s RJ Berger and some Disney teen movie series that seems to have been pretty popular a few years back is the son of two actors so he’s got good genes and could need just one big role to blow him up into stardom. Could a Stealth movie be that one big role? Does Chris have what it takes to play Allen White/Stealth?

Tyler James Williams

Everybody might hate Chris but starring in the UPN show put Tyler James Williams on the map as a potential future star. Could a Stealth movie be an avenue towards that stardom? Would Tyler make a good Allen/Stealth?

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