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Character Profile #2-Shockwave

Real Name: Andrew “Andy” Neal

Identity: Publicly known with criminal record

Occupation: (former) College Student/Incarcerated Felon

Type: Human Mutate

Birthplace: Terminus City

Body Type: 5’11, Athletic

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Nationality: American

Age: 19

Affiliation(s): None

Family: No known relatives

Abilities: Able to generate, control and manipulate electric energy

History: Andy Neal/Shockwave in many ways is a reverse mirror image of Allen White/Stealth- a bright young student at the Terminus Institute of Technology (Terminus Tech), he was working in the lab one night when a freak accident blessed him with amazing abilities. Immediately choosing to use these powers for personal gain and glory he works up a secret identity and sets out on a criminal career. Unfortunately, his first foray leads to a confrontation with Stealth which in-turn results in his current incarceration at the Federal Detention Center for Super-Powered Criminals.

© 2010, William Satterwhite. All rights reserved.

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