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Character Profile #4-Mario Malone

Real Name: Mario Malone

Identity: Alleged criminal activities are publicly known have never been officially proven.

Occupation: CEO/Owner of Big Time Records

Type: Human

Birthplace: Terminus City

Body Type: 6’1, Normal

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Nationality: American

Age: 35

Affiliation(s): Owner of Big Time Records, various civic organizations, various Terminus City gangs, head of underworld activities

Known Family: No known relatives

Abilities: Near genius level intellect, (alleged) criminal mastermind

History: Owner of Big Time Records and secretly the top crime kingpin in Terminus City. A brilliant man who always thinks ahead, he plans on eliminating Stealth before he can become a thorn in his side but he may have more pressing matters to deal with at present.

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