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Character Profile #1- Allen White/Stealth

In the style of the old Marvel Handbooks, I’ll be doing character profiles like this every once in a while to help keep readers knowledgeable about the various characters. I’ll also be updating these profiles as becomes necessary.

Real Name: Allen Edward White

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Student

Type: Human Mutate

Birthplace: Terminus City

Body Type: 6’1, Athletic (lean but muscular, like an Olympic swimmer or sprinter)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Nationality: American

Age: 18

Affiliation(s): None

Family: Brenda White (Mother, newscaster), Edward White (Father/deceased, aerospace engineer), Eric White (Brother/deceased, policeman)

Abilities: Can move at super speeds, up to and just beyond the speed of sound. He also possesses superhuman strength and agility- capable of lifting one ton- enhanced senses, x-ray vision and a low level healing factor. Near genius level intellect, above average to good athletic ability before gaining superpowers (backup quarterback on football team freshman and sophomore years)

History: A shy, reserved, sensitive and thoughtful young man, he is one of the top students in Cleburne High senior class. One night, while caught in a storm, he was struck by lightning. Instead of dying or suffering any injury whatsoever, he began to develop superhuman abilities- superspeed, enhanced strength and senses and x-ray vision. At first, he was unsure what to do with these newfound abilities until tragedy struck and his older brother Eric, a rookie police officer, was gunned down by a drug dealer. Since then, Allen has sworn to use his abilities to battle the criminal element in Terminus City.

After a couple of “warm ups” against low level hoods, Stealth’s first major confrontation is with Shockwave, a bank robber with the ability to generate, control and manipulate electric energy. It is during this confrontation that he realizes he also has a low-level healing factor, which is pivotal he his winning the day.

When he dresses up as Stealth, he adopts an entirely different persona. Whereas Allen is smart, quiet, shy and sensitive, Stealth is sarcastic, arrogant, and somewhat brutal. Stealth can best be described, and has been, as Allen’s dark side.

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