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Stealth Kickstarter Now Live

First, I’d like to apologize about the lack of updates, with most of my attention focused on getting the graphic novel and trading card set finished there hasn’t been much time for much else. That though leads to this, a Kickstarter project has just gone live to try to finally gets everything financed- Please support us f you can and share the link.

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Three The Hard Way

Uraeus’ Jaycen Wise, Charlie “FAB” Goubile’s Blackbird and Stealth in combat mode, courtesy of the fabulous one himself!

You have 3 missions-

First, go to and help out anyway you can…

Then, go to and help out anyway you can…

And finally, check out the Blackbird TPB at

The last two can be reversed if you like (not the first one though), just make sure to do all three!

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