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Versus Video Game Video Demo

Courtesy of Radi Lewis and his gang at Open World Comics, Versus is a video game exclusively featuring independently produced comic book characters of which my Stealth is one of the characters featured! Here is a quick video showing off some Stealth action from the game, below is the official press release with info on the Steam Early Access Release!

Press Release

VERSUS is everything you love about Fighting games. We have Specials, Parries, Power Ups and Unique Throws. All our characters have custom moves, voice actors and are powerful!!

So What Makes VERSUS Unique??

VERSUS Characters Come Straight Out of Independently Published Comic Books Round One is just the beginning. We are slated to add up to two characters per month to the game, in addition to a story mode and a comic book shop. Our roster is extensive and contains the best indie published characters. The indie publishers we’ve chosen stem from across the United States and different countries like the UK and Africa.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Radi Lewis at Open World Comics or email at

Twitter: @techwatchcomics

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Stealth Kickstarter Now Live

First, I’d like to apologize about the lack of updates, with most of my attention focused on getting the graphic novel and trading card set finished there hasn’t been much time for much else. That though leads to this, a Kickstarter project has just gone live to try to finally gets everything financed- Please support us f you can and share the link.

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